Sunday, October 23, 2016

Britain To Make Controversial Legal Sanctions

Described in article by David Ianconangelo for the Christian Science Monitor, coming up soon in December, Britain will be instituting heavy new legislation that will affect foreign-born citizens as well as immigrants within. The policies implemented are intended to give negative consequences for not going through citizenship steps if one has immigrated. Being an undocumented person within Britain after the new legislation begins will result in not being able to have access to banks, employment, or housing. Companies that advertise across the world for employees will also have to first advertise domestically for 28 days before extending offers globally. One of the most driving factors for the British exit of the European Union was the growing distaste and discontentment for the status of immigrants flooding the United Kingdom, and this legislation is intended to give native British citizens and immigrants who have gone through proper processing the benefits many there believe they deserve. There has been backlash against the new legislation, as businesses and liberal party advocates claim it treats certain citizens as second-class based upon factors that they cannot control, and hurts businesses because it will make them feel like hiring a global workforce is frowned upon. The effects of this new legislation will start to be seen this winter, and will follow after for months, even years to come.


Benjamin Ubert

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