Sunday, October 9, 2016

The French Underground Railroad

This article is about about France is going through a very similar situation that the United States once went through. There's a French underground railroad that is helping Africans get to France. While some stay there, others are going to Germany and Britain. A 37-year-old farmer named Cedric Herrou ,who lives on the border of Italy and France, helps people cross the border to get to France. This is a French underground railroad, a type of railroad we are familiar with in the United States when slaves were trying to escape the south. Although it is not 100% successful, Herrou is still risking his life and the life of the people he is smuggling, many of them whom are children. Some helpers smuggle people for money. Even though Herrou doesn't do it for profit, he has already been arrested once. Herrou doesn't work by himself though. He has allies and they work as a team. Fran├žoise Cotta is a popular Paris lawyer who is one of his allies. She states "“We think we are doing what we should do, as citizens."

--Jazmin Galindo

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