Sunday, October 2, 2016

52 Dead in Stampede of Oromia

             52 people were killed when anti-government protest erupted during a religious festival in Ethiopia's
Oromia region.  There were conflicting reports of whether these protests were demonstrated peacefully or with malice; regardless many protesters and gatherers were injured or killed due to stampedes and apparent  retaliation of police authorities at the event.  Ethnic groups within the region have been extremely frustrated with their government's tactics of marginalization and dehumanization, and that frustration has led it's way to unrest between the people and their government.  With protests in this region rapidly growing in numbers, it is inevitable that more injuries and deaths will occur.  According to reports, there were nearly 2 million people attending the religious event held, so it's somewhat surprising that more individuals weren't harmed during the ordeal.

-Jaedyn Krebs-Carr

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