Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ethiopian protesters attack factories in Africa's rising economic star

Protestors in Ethiopia caused damage to foreign-owned factories and some flower farms. In a nation that is state-led and industrial driven, it has become one of Africa's fastest growing economies. Not to mention, the government has been faced with judgement and hostility because of their authoritarian approach to their development system. This backlash from protestors came after the deaths of 55 of its people who were demonstrating near the capital. A total of 11 companies have been affected by this attack, as well as 60 cars that have been torched. Some of this backlash is also due to the nation seizing their land while offering little compensation before they turn it over to large corporations and an inflated rate. Some interviewed even say that they were denied jobs that were locally built on their families land. In Ethiopia, it is considered that the land belongs to the state while the owners are considered its leaseholders. Others criticize the government for stating that the only form of dialogue the they know how to use is "excessive force." Not only is this causing issue to its local people, but to travelers world wide.

Alexa Ortiz

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