Sunday, October 2, 2016

Venezuela: No Money, No Drugs

You know something is wrong with the government when your room mate bites off your nose in the middle of the night, eats it,  then denies they did it, and no one bats an eye. That's what happened to Cleofila Carillo thanks to the medicine shortage in going on right now in Venezuela. Carillo is one of many patients that is suffering in one of Venezuela's hospitals, El Pampero Hospital in Barquisimento.  Besides medicine, the hospitals are lacking food, clothing, and sanitary products like toilet paper. Patients are doing their business pretty much anywhere with just water to clean themselves. Belts are being made out of plastic bags and gloves by the nurses to keep pants from falling down. According the hospital's medical records, half of the men are underweight. All of this is going on and it's so obvious, yet the Venezuelan government still denies that its hospitals are suffering from shortages and has declined international medical assistance. It's so sad because people are dying in these hospitals when they're supposed to be feeling better. According to the article, a psychiatrist has not been to El Pampero Hospital in 2 years. Venezuela's economic crisis is seriously devastating. Something has to be done.

--Jazmin Galindo

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