Sunday, October 2, 2016

Crisis Status Potentially Extended in Turkey

It has been recently announced by President Ergodan of Turkey that there could be a three month extension of the state of emergency that has been governing Turkey since July. His security council has advised for the extension, providing time and security for the government to root out those in support of the attempted coup. Ergodan and his cabinet have been criticized for their work during this emergency period, as over 40,000 have been incarcerated and over 100,000 been affected in their jobs either being fired or suspended from their posts. Critics also feel that extending the state of emergency would be the perfect tool for Ergodan to use to extend his presidential power, by using his extended powers in a way capable of reworking the Constitution to make himself nearly untouchable. This instability and distrust has lowered the Turkish currency to its lowest value in two months, straining Turkey's global business capability. The next weeks could hold significant developments in the state of Turkey, as the emergency extension could ride even beyond a year if approved.

Benjamin Ubert

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