Sunday, October 2, 2016

Syrian gov. advances into Allepo

With a renewed weekend offensive government forces have pushed into Aleppo and have started to drive the rebels back, and closer to the breaking point.  The Allied force of the Syrian Army, Iranian backed, Militants, and the Russian Air Force.   As the US and Russia still talk about peace.  But this is growing less and less likely due to Assad brutality when dealing with the the rebels and how he continues to go after civilian targets.  The City of Aleppo has been under siege since the government had taken control of the main road and prevented aid from entering the city.  Today many of Aleppo's basic utilities are on the verge of collapses, and total chaos.  There looks to be no end in sight for the people of Aleppo as neither side looks as if they will stop the fighting any time soon.  One thing is for certain the citizens of Aleppo are paying a heavy tole from the bombing campaign being done by the Russians and the shelling being done by the Syrian Army.

John Carmody

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