Sunday, October 2, 2016

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to introduce European Union repeal bill in upcoming speech

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since July and first female Prime Minister of the U.K. since Margaret Thatcher, will introduce a plan to carry out the process popularly referred to as "Brexit" in the upcoming Queen's Speech. Theresa May took over after David Cameron announced his intention of resigning the office, which was the result of political pressure after the British people voted to remove their country from the European Union, a decision which Cameron had been against. Prime Minister May is now going to announce how that separation will be carried out, when it will be carried out, and what the United Kingdom's relationship with the European Union will be going forward. A bill will be introduced by May to repeal a 1972 act that declared the UK as part of the European Union. The process of separating from the EU is set to begin in 2017. When this happens, all of EU law will be transposed into British law, wherever it is practical to do so, for the sake of continuity. The Brexit process will stand as an experiment to see whether a national economy performs better as a member of the EU or separate from the EU, and will be an example for other countries considering separating from the EU in the future.

Justin Wysocke

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