Sunday, October 29, 2017

High Death Toll Predicted for Korea War 2.0

     Anthony Capaccio of Bloomberg reports that a death toll over 300,000 can be expected if war were to break out now. And that's just in the opening days. The population density of the Korean Peninsula would lead to high civilian casualties on both sides alone. Furthermore, when, not if, American forces engage, China may become involved in the conflict, leading to further deaths for all parties. If nuclear weapons were deployed by North Korea, the death toll will rise well over the millions. A conflict in Korea can also serve as the domino to set off World War III. China, Russia, Japan, NATO, and countless nations would clash not only in Korea, but across the region if not the world. This is not a war that should happen yet with Trump and Kim Jong-Un going at it word wise, a war that may lead to a mausoleum of a planet.

Richard Burgis

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