Sunday, October 29, 2017

Iran will keep building missles

On Sunday, the Iranian President began questioning the "credibility of the United States". In the Iranian President's speech he said, "If a government like the US government states that it is not committed to an important international commitment, and its reason is that the previous administration has been tricked, then what happens with the continuity of the responsibility of the governments?". He continued on to say that the United States is not living up to what they have previously agreed on. Iran has been building missiles with the intend of using them for defense purposes only. So far Germany, EU, France and Britain has agreed to try to make a deal and all that they are waiting for is for the United States to be open to a deal. Reading this article made me wonder what Trump will say about Iran's questioning of the United States. It also makes me worry- given the fact of how Trump acts. I begin to think if this is just going to make things worse between us and Iran. Also, the fear of a nuclear war comes to mind when thinking about all the possible responses Trump can come up with.


Azucena Ramirez

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