Friday, April 14, 2017

China Says Its Trade With North Korea Has Increased

Over the past year, China's trade with North Korea increased, with coal being one of the major things being imported from there.  However, satellite images were found indicating that North Korea might be planning another underground nuclear test, this being the sixth time in a decade.  While China heavily depends on North Korea for imports on things like iron ore, zinc, other minerals, seafood, and garments, they've begun cutting back on coal imports.  This is due to an urging from the United Nations and the United States, after it was realized that the imports of coal were helping fund these nuclear tests and programs.  No coal has been imported since February 19th.  If North Korea decides to test another nuclear bomb or missile, it's possible that China will next stop importing oil from them.  North Korea is almost entirely dependent on China for importing their oil.  However, this isn't an official decision, but it's believed that China will continue to bear down on North Korea if needed.

Shannon McDonald

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