Sunday, April 23, 2017

Early Elections

As politics around the Brexit heats up, there was never any talk of calling an early election by the current PM Theresa May when she was first elected. However, that promise was short lived as she has now called for an early election slated for June 8th. Although she had told the constituents that she would not hold an early election when she was elected last year, she can legally de so due to the type of government there in Britain. The parliament allows the majority leader AKA PM to call a reelection if need be. Well I mean there;s a little more details than that, but the point is, is that it was totally in her legal right to call this early election. She is calling this in hopes of being able to pass policy that will really benefit Britain in this time of exit from the EU. She needs to do this now rather than wait, because her opposing parties are also split which allows her now to be able to take advantage of the break up of support for her competitors.

-Kaitlyn Roybal

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