Sunday, April 16, 2017

Couple reportedly kicked off United flight on the way to their destination wedding

United Airlines is making waves in social media again, after kicking a couple and their bridal party off of a flight to Costa Rica earlier this weekend.  Apparently, the couple moved a few rows up from their assigned seating because their seats were being occupied by a sleeping man and the plane was nearly empty.  The couple reports that they were compliant and asked to have their seats upgraded when they were confronted, but the airline staff reports that they were unwilling to move to their assigned seats and additionally did not request to upgrade their seats, resulting in their removal from the flight.  The airline has since been in contact with the couple and their bridal party, who were flying to Costa Rica for their impending destination wedding, and has reported that their tickets have been refunded and they are scheduled to depart tomorrow on a different aircraft within the company.

Rachel Mecca Davis
**This is article 2/2 for this week because I had technical difficulties from last week**

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