Sunday, April 30, 2017

Potemkin Policy

We have officially reached Donald Trump's first 100 days in office. And, as honestly, many suspected, he has been unable to make as many changes as he had campaigned on. With his current policy proposals failing to make it to the floor, or even remaining unchanged, we can see cracks in his presidential power. What does that mean for his foreign policy though? His first 100 days have been littered with headlines about the U.S. and our interactions with other countries. Particularly, North Korea.We have made airstrikes on several foreign countries already, as well as welcomed a few foreign leaders here to the table. Notably, the chocolate cake story. Right now, its hard to evaluate whether or not his foreign policies have has any actually meat on them, or if it is all for show right now. Could Trump be using this as a way to show how powerful her really is?  Seeing as most foreign policy is mostly boring diplomatic, behind the scenes,  silent type of ruling, Trump has definitely gone against that and made a big splash. However, can his need to make is 'power' known have a negative return? As Tom Pepinsky said, "Weak leaders often try to talk loudly aout how strong they are, while strong leaders are much quieter about wielding their power.

-Kaitlyn Roybal

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