Sunday, April 30, 2017

Syria blames Israel for Damascus airport blast

On April 27, there was an explosion at the Syrian airport Damascus.  Syria believes that it was Israel who launched the missiles at the airport.  Israel won’t confirm or deny their responsibility in the explosion.  There was a statement put out by the Israeli government that said “the incident in Syria fits their policy on stopping weapons being shipped to Hezbollah.”  Two residents from Damascus city heard the explosion at dawn and described it as a thud noise.  After the noise was heard a fire broke out.  There is no report on whether anyone was hurt by the explosion.  Syria did say this would not stop them from fighting terrorists.  A term the government uses when referring to the Syrian rebels.  Israel’s Intelligence Minister Katz seems to believe Isreal was behind the explosion saying, “I can confirm that the incident in Syria is completely compatible with the Israeli policy of operating to prevent smuggling advanced weaponry from Syria to Hezbollah.” Right now Syria has three major conflicts one against ISIS, War against rebels against Assad, and the fight against Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria.

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