Sunday, April 30, 2017

Poor French Suburbanites may abstain vote in coming election

In France, many of the residents of the poorer, majority immigrants may choose to stay home for the May 7th Election in France. Despite the fact that one of the candidates, Marine Le Pen, has taken a strong stance against immigration, many french suburbanites are angry over the failure of past politicians to deliver on past promises, and thus many voters will refuse to vote for Macron, despite his open-handedness towards those working there. Ines Seddiki, a French Muslim living in Stains, a French suburb, stated that "Don't count on the working-class neighborhoods this year to save France," although stating that she would reluctantly vote for Macron. Many of the residents in the poorer Parisian suburbs turned up for Jean-Luc Melenchon, who they felt spoke for their anger in the french political system, while many of them simply chose not to vote, with much more appearing to do so. The failure of the poor Muslim suburbanites to vote in the upcoming election could eventually lead to a victory for National Front candidate, Marine Le Pen. This could possibly be a shadow of the American election, where many left-wing voters abstained from the election after Bernie Sanders failed to secure the democratic nomination, and in some viewpoints, unfairly.

-Bobby Gannon

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