Sunday, April 23, 2017

US tells North Korea to cease 'destabilizing actions and rhetoric'

The situation between the United States and North Korea has greatly escalated in the recent weeks. While North Korea has always been seen as a dangerous nation, the increase in weapons tests by the nation has undoubtedly increased tensions with the country. There have been comments made by both the US and North Korea that demonstrate a willingness to use military action against the other. I see this as a very tough situation to resolve. You have both countries posturing and making these provoking comments. The situation is only escalated when an agitative statement is made. I feel that the best way to handle the situation would be for the US to back away from the authoritative position we've taken against North Korea, in order to let tensions subside for the moment. Yet, if the US were to back down slightly, it might provide the perfect window the North Korea to refine their nuclear technology, which could pose a very serious threat to the US.

Ben Goodell

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