Sunday, April 16, 2017

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai Accuses Successor Of ‘Treason’ By Allowing U.S. To Drop Massive Bomb

This article focuses on the recent attack done on an IS encampment in Afghanistan using a MOAB and how the former president of Afghanistan has responded to this attack. Former afghan president Hamid Karzai saw this attack as a violation of his nation's sovereignty and that this attack could hurt the country more than help it. The article then dives into Hamid Karzai’s time as president and how he restricted the use of air strikes by both the US and western but how under the new president Ashraf Ghani has reversed this stance. The article then finishes with how the people of Afghanistan's response to this were mixed with those closer to the strike approving of it while other who lives farther away from the strike disapproving of it. Overall this recent strike seems to have neither won or lost the people of Afghanistan but did seem to achieve its set goals.

Dan Worden

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