Saturday, April 22, 2017

False Warning For China-North Korea Tension

As tension rises around North Korea, we are starting to see relationships develop and trades emerge with surrounding countries. With the movement of U.S military ships, the fight for Japan’s weapon independence, and China’s agreement to help, we are seeing what many are claiming as the start of WWIII. But as the tension grows, so does the mainstream media’s attention. Because of this, we are subject to fake news and false claims being reported in hopes for more clicks and being the first to report the story. This is seen in the article below.

Early today, CNN reported that China put their bombers on high alert for a response to North Korea. This sent many into a frenzy, and CNN did not update its story until hours later once the false information was spread already. I would like to remind everyone to stay alert on these large topics and always fact-check. It is important to ensure the articles you read are fact and not made from an interpretation by someone else, as seen in this article. China has not put their bombers on high alert, and their border security has not been added to or subtracted from.

Lucas Wittenkeller

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