Thursday, April 13, 2017

US drops 'largest non-nuclear bomb' for first time in Afghanistan area populated by Isis members

This article talks about how earlier today (4/13/17), the US has just dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in Eastern Afghanistan in an area that is heavily populated by ISIS, according to sources in the article. This is the first time the 21,000 lbs. bomb has been used in combat operations (there is a video on the site that is showing a test explosion, it's pretty big). It is known as the "Mother of all Bombs" (massive ordinance air blast, or M.O.A.B.). White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated that the "US had used a large, accurate, and powerful" enough weapon to hopefully disrupt movements by militants within Afghanistan. It has been noted that this operation has been in the works for months, but was unclear if this had been a part of Obama's administrator, nor did this strike have to be authorized by President Trump. There has been no official word on death toll or damage done, but it was confirmed that the bomb had been dropped.

- Brett Johnson

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