Sunday, April 23, 2017

North Korea threatens to sink US aircraft carrier

This article pretty much sums up the heightening tension between North Korea and the United States. A United States aircraft carrier was sent over to begin joint training exercises with two Japanese destroyers near the Philippines. North Korea had promptly responded that they would sink said aircraft carrier with "a single strike." It is worth noting that North Korea had just tried to show off their prominent military prowess by sending off a test missile which effectively blew up within seconds of takeoff. North Korea had also mentioned that they are capable of reaching "continental US and Asia Pacific Region" with their "absolute weapon", the hydrogen bomb. The actual intentions of the US aircraft carrier and Japanese destroyers were to join with the Australian Navy and continue joint exercises with them. After completing the training, the US Navy had announced that the carrier would be heading back near the Korean Peninsula "to provide a persistent presence." How this threat by North Korea will be followed-up, we may not know. Regardless, the tension between the two nations as of right now has very much been peaking.

- Brett Johnson

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