Sunday, April 16, 2017

ETA: We still want an independent Basque state

The ETA is a separatist group in the Basque Country in northern Spain and southwestern France. They were founded in 1959 and evolved from a group that promoted traditional Basque culture to a group that engaged in violent actions like bombing, assassinations, and kidnappings to gain independence for the Basque Country. “ETA killed 829 people, mostly in Spain, and left thousands more injured. The separatist group was blamed for hundreds of shootings, bombings and kidnappings from the 1960s until 2011.” Last week ETA gave up its arms to authorities. The group told the press that their campaign is ending and they will be taking more decisions from all its members. It is unclear whether the Basque community will want its independence. “While ETA says it will continue to push for independence, a survey last October by pollsters Euskobarometro suggested that just 29 percent Basques were strongly in favor of independence, while 37 percent didn't want it.” In my opinion, there is some suspicion whether ETA has truly given up its campaign for independence.

Emily Adams

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