Sunday, April 9, 2017

IRS scam alleged ringleader arrested in India

Sagar Thakkar in India was arrested for orchestrating a scheme to pose as an IRS agent in order to collect money from millions of Americans. This scam first made headlines last October when nine call centers in Maharashtra were raided by police and more than 70 arrested for belief of being connected to Thakkar's scam. Thakkar himself was included in a US indictment that was brought to light during that time. Not only did they pose as IRS agents, but it was said by US prosecutors that these people pretended to be immigration officers and told people they would be deported unless they paid a fine up front. The amount of  money stolen by Thakkar remains to be counted, but he has been noted to be living in luxury due to the money collected from the scams. Currently he stands on trial for accusations of extortion, cheating, impersonation, criminal conspiracy, and the violation of India's communications and tech laws.

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