Saturday, April 15, 2017

North Korea attempts to launch missile, fails.

The past week have shown high tensions on the Korean peninsula surrounding the DPRK. The United States, along side Japan and South Korea, have sent a war fleet to the hermit kingdom, while the People's Republic of China sent 25,000 troops to their border with North Korea and have placed hard sanctions on them. Kim Jong-Un, the Korean dictator, stated that they're on war footing. On 4/15/17, North Korea celebrated the 'Day of the Sun', the anniversary of the country, with an attempted missile launch on South Korea. The South Korean Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff stated that the DPRK failed to launch the missile from Sinpo, a North Korean village, yet released no other details. Sinpo was the site of the ballistic missile launch that occured before a summit between China and the United States earlier this month. This attempted missile strike is set before a 10-day long tour of Asia by the American Vice President Mike Pence, in which he will attempt to show a sign of commitment from the United States to its Asian allies.

-Bobby Gannon

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