Sunday, April 16, 2017

In Turkey there was a referendum in which if people want to expand the president's powers. Over 51% of the people have voted yes for this referendum. Since the coup 9 months ago Erdogan wants more power. He is going to address the death penalty, which I think he will bring back so he can kill all the people that oppose him. Also with the new powers the president will can 5 year term and maximum of two terms. He can appoint ministers, public officials, assign vice-presidents, the president can declare a state of emergency, and also the new powers allow the president to intervene in the judicial system. He wants tighten regulations because Erdogan thinks this is where Fethullah Gulen, who was a imam, a preacher and a political figure influenced others, and a coup followed. The coup failed and Gulen is blamed for the failed coup, and Erdogan wants U.S. to extradite him to Turkey. He wants to have a system like U.S.A and the French where is the system is really strong, and doesn't break down.
  I believe this referendum is in response to the coup. Erdogan wants to stay in power, with so many people opposing him, and the failed coup, he will use these new powers to wipe out the military men who were part of the coup, and other people in the court system.
 Even though to people in the West, it might sound that he is on path to a dictator but actually the people in Turkey love him and admire him.

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