Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dozens of Yazidis enslaved by IS in Iraq now free

This article talks about how dozens of Yazidis that were previously enslaved by ISIS are now free and are under the protection of the UN centers in Northern Iraq. The article does not mention if they were let free or if they were escaped, as it was classified info to protect those who had managed to get free. Under the impression of the article, it seems as though the dozens of Yazidis had fled and escaped rather than been freed, because it mentions that ISIS has enslaved and killed thousands of Yazidis in the northern part of Iraq since 2014. Many of the women and children that were enslaved were used as sex slaves for the entirety of their captivity. They've been reunited with their families after experiencing "the most horrific of atrocities" at the hands of of ISIS. Iraqi forces have recaptured the majority of the city of Mosul, but are still trying to push the group out of the Old Western District of which there still is a heavy presence.

- Brett Johnson

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