Sunday, April 9, 2017

Illegal Action on Syria

With the recent bombing of the Syrian , there have been a lot of articles published recently calling out Trump and really questioning if that was the right course of action. This article aims to call out Trump on the legality of his decision. Andrew Rudalevige discuses how this bombing does not fit into Domestic Law or International Law. He also cites other presidential actions that fall within the lines of these laws. Within domestic law, he goes over how the 9/11 attack allowed pursuing of organizations that can be linked to this attack. That however, does not include the attack on states. Within International Law the only allowance for attacking another state is in self-defense or when authorized by the U.N. security council. This was neither of the cases for Trump's attack. Something I find interesting is how there is a call to action in the article to Congress. In my opinion, this is unlikely to happen. What is more likely to happen is Congress and the President trying to capitalize on this military action by some sort of credit claiming and pointing fingers at Obama saying he never took the action Trump did.

-Kaitlyn Roybal

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