Sunday, April 9, 2017

Venezuelan Protests on Socialist Government

The people of Venezuela are enduring terrible times. They are faced with economic crisis due to lack of food and medicine. The country itself is "running out of cash" according to the country's central bank. The Venezuelan economy runs primarily on oil exports and a small fluctuation of oil prices can push Venezuela to go bankrupt. This has sparked a change in politics, one that has not gone over well with its citizens.

Thousands of protestors have been protesting for the dismissal of all seven justices of the Venezuelan Supreme Court. The Court said on March 29th that all powers in the legislative body, the Venezuelan National Assembly, be transferred to the Court. The Supreme Court is stacked with government loyalists which citizens saw as a move to move Venezuelan's government a dictatorship. This weekend thousands of protestors were attacked by officers while peacefully protesting. It will be very interesting to see what steps the rest of the world take in order to stop the turmoil that is happening in Venezuela.

-Matthew G. Mayes

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