Sunday, April 16, 2017

North Korea nuclear: US 'working with China' on response

In response to the failed ballistic missile launch by North Korea that transpired during the events of the country's "Day of the Sun parade" celebrating the nation's founding, Lieutenant General HR McMaster released a statement. Saying both the US and China had reached agreement that North Korea's hostile behavior can no longer be tolerated, with a "range of options" being considered on the table. 

Lt General McMaster went on to say the country's [North Korea] actions were indicative of a threatening pattern of hostility, rather than simply being erratic shows of power. The general consensus among those investigating the missile launch that prompted the above remarks, is that it is likely to have simply been a ballistic missile, rather than an infamous ICBM, due to the trajectory it exhibited in flight before it's premature detonation and failure.

These events occur at a time when Vice President Mike Pence continues his 10 day tour of allied Asian countries, with his own comments echoing those of POTUS, Lt Gen McMaster, and Chinse President Xi Jinping: North Korea's actions will no longer be tolerated.

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