Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sessions: We'll fund the wall 'one way or the other'

In direct conflict with past statements made by Mexico's government that the country would not fund Trumps proposed border wall, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared on ABC's "This Week" in an effort to make it clear Mexico would still end up paying for it. This interview comes in the wake of several Tweets by POTUS, praising the wall and it's benefits towards preventing illegal immigration and gang violence. With the wall as one of his primary campaign points, Trump's determined pushes towards erecting the wall make sense.

In his appearance on "This Week", Sessions offered more insight into just how exactly Mexico would pay for the wall. Rather than being 'billed' directly into funding the multi-billion dollar undertaking, Sessions maintains that through trade and other actions at the border, the country would wind up paying for the wall indirectly.

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