Friday, April 28, 2017

Chinese Hacks Causing Tension

As tensions rise around the North Korean borders, so does the tension amongst the surrounding nations. In the past years, the world has noticed how terrible North Korea is. Nations that normally don’t side with us, like China and Russia are clearly on our side against North Korea. It is only logical because it is on Chinese borders and Russia wants nothing to do with an immigration push towards their nation. However, it is important these nations are partners, not friends. This is portrayed in the article below dealing with Chinese hacks against America and South Korea. It appears Chinese, state-funded hackers looked into missile placements of America. Although common for China, director of cyber espionage John Hultquist says the hack was for information only. South Korea later confirmed Chinese hacking attempts. It is suspected these cyber attacks dealt with THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense), basically our missile launcher to shoot missiles. This is because China is not supportive of THAAD due to the belief America can and is monitoring them through it.

If you are interested in cyberattacks, below is a live feed of all cyber attack attempts:

Lucas Wittenkeller

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