Sunday, April 2, 2017

Japan: Proposing To Defend Themselves

After North Korea furthered their development in testing weapons with their four-missile launch on March 6th, landing just shy of 500 km from Japan’s coast, the nation started to worry. Since WWII, Japan has not been able to attack overseas targets due to their loss in the war. Now, the nation has created a proposal that would for the first time since, allow them to strike targets such as North Korea. The Liberal Democratic Party is requesting the ability to improve Japan’s missile defenses, address the new missile issues with North Korea with new measures, and obtain the ability to counterattack enemy bases. According to the article, at this time, all counterattacks would come from US forces in Tokyo. Also, Carl Schuster, former director at the US Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Center insists that Japan does not have the capabilities to counterattack, but only defend themselves. So is it time to give Japan their independence back?

Lucas Wittenkeller


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