Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mexico Welcomes Possible US Shift on NAFTA, but Mistrust of Trump Persists

Mexico Welcomes Possible U.S. Shift on Nafta, but Mistrust of Trump Persists

During President Trump’s campaign, he described NAFTA as “the worst trade deal” ever signed by the United States. The Mexican reaction to Trump’s animosity toward NAFTA and imposing large tariffs on Mexico has brought wariness and resentment with US/Mexican relations. “The Mexican government has said it is committed to preserving NAFTA and protecting the $1.4 billion in bilateral trade that crosses the border every day...” Mexico is renewing trade deals and seeking prospective trade partners. This article is about a draft letter signed by Stephan Vaughn that expresses a softening of Trump’s views. Mexican’s have reacted with mixed emotions and uncertainty. If, however, the United States would withdraw from NAFTA, it would be consistent with the protectionist policies that President Trump is proposing. Pre-Trump and Brexit era, there was a predetermined path for globalization and international involvement, now, everything is unknown. This article is an overview the NAFTA discussion between President Nieto and President Trump, and the new thoughts about the bureaucratic letter that was in Congress this week.

Emily Adams

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