Sunday, April 2, 2017

When is it OK to shoot a child soldier?

Given an unfortunate reality of child soldiers in many conflicts around the world many countries are left clueless under international law as to how to deal with them in war, creating a moral dilemma for both the government and its soldiers. This article is pertaining to a ruling that was passed on March 2nd in Canada that morally legalized the killing of child soldiers, creating a moral justification for the perceived slaughter of ‘innocent’ children. This new ruling seeks to make an equal justification for soldiers who are faced with killing children to instead equate it to killing an adult, in hopes of reducing the emotional damage and suicides related to these traumatic conflicts. Additionally, these new rules also implement suggestions on how to mitigate or prevent the killing of child soldiers one example given is, “[the recommendation of] shooting their adult commanders to shatter discipline and prompt the youngsters to flee or surrender”. Finally, the article concludes by mentioning the precarious quagmire created by passing rules on this topic, and its possible acceptance by the British government.

Nathaniel Dust 

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