Sunday, May 14, 2017

Chinese lawyer 'wore torture device for a month'

Last Tuesday, Chinese human rights lawyer Li Heping was liberated from a 2-year long hellish ordeal brought on by the Chinese Government. Heping was forced to wear a primitive arm and leg shackle for a full of his detainment, forcing him into a crouched stoop at all times--even when resting. This brutal and inhumane practice has become increasingly commonplace in accordance with President Xi Jinping's "war on law". Lawyers who dared to speak ill of the communist party have always been subjected to such torture and abuse, but recently the torment has moved to human rights lawyers. Jinping has been accused of believing human rights to be nothing more than dangerous ideals, and his actions certainly reflect that. Heping was subjected to a secret trial shortly after his release, and was stripped of the right to practice law, effectively neutering him as a threat to the party within the country.

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