Sunday, May 28, 2017

Iraqi forces advance on ISIS-held neighborhoods in western Mosul

Iraq forces are getting closer and closer to getting Mosul neighborhood back from ISIS control.  Soldiers have been being sent into Shifa neighborhood and also Jamhouri Hospital, and also counterterrorism forces are being sent to a neighborhood called Saha al Awla.  Wiith Old City under ISIS’s control. Israel believes that it will be a challenge to retake old city because of narrow streets.  They also believe that ISIS will use residents as human shields.  Special units are trying their best to evacuate as many residents as they can.  After Iraq forces take back the neighborhoods under ISIS control the Iraqi government will have liberated Mosul from all of ISIS’s control.  ISIS gained control of Mosul in 2014 which is Iraq’s second largest city. 

About 742,000 residents of Mosul have fled the city since the fighting stated hoping to avoid getting caught in the action.  The UN migration agency has seen the number of immigrates rising because of this.  These people lack clean water and medicine and do not have a lot of food.  The UN is not involved in areas of fighting but they have heard reports of families being used as traps.  As well as children being targeted by snipers.  In Mosul about 980 ISIS fighters has been killed and then 6,000 wounded.

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