Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trump's Involvement With The Syria Issue

As indicated by the title, the Trump Administration is moving forward in trying to solve the issues around Syria. After the repercussion strikes sent in response to the use of chemical weapons, it was clear Trump wanted to be involved in Syria. This most recent action sheds light on the extent of involvement Trump wants. This action I speak of is the decision to provide “limited arms” to the Kurdish fighters residing in Syria. The supplies include small arms, some machine guns, and armored vehicles. The supplies are meant to be the bare minimum to fight against ISIS, and retake the land ISIS claims. Trying to avoid the mistake in Iraq from past administrations, Trump wants to give just enough supplies to beat ISIS, but not enough to attack much further. This is important because our ally, Turkey, strongly dislikes the Kurds. Therefore, it is in our best interest to defeat ISIS, but not become too involved in the issue and avoid conflict with Turkey. It will be definitely interesting to see how this affects the playing field and our ties with Turkey.

Lucas Wittenkeller

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