Sunday, May 7, 2017

Emmanuel Macron wins presidency as France rejects far-right

In a land-slide victory, Emmanuel Macron won the Presidential election in France today. Macron won about 66% of the vote, which is a very large margin of victory over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. To me, this election is a sobering glimmer of hope. The 2016 USA election was a surprising look at the power of far-right politics. With the surprise of the USA elections, many thought perhaps this year La Pen could garner enough support to win the french election. But the people of France showed that an anti-immigration political foundation would not be tolerated. Further, one of the biggest things I took from this election was that France had about 74% of the population vote. This is much higher than the voter turnout rate in the US. And yet, this was one of the lower turnouts in France in years. The french election is held on a weekend, which I feel would be an idea that would greatly help boost voter turnout in our own country.

Ben Goodell

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