Sunday, May 21, 2017

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani wins re-election in victory for moderates

The Iranian President elections are over and President Hassan Rouhani was reelected.  Rouhani beat his conservative counterpart Ebrahim Raisi.  Rouhani won 57% of the vote while his rival only received 38% of the vote so Rouhani won by a large gap.  This shows that the citizens of Iran favor globalization.  The United States Secretary of State Tillerson said that he hopes Rouhani will put an end to Iran’s destabilization campaign in the region.  Also Tillerson hopes that Iran’s missile tests will be stopped, and hopes the reelected President will give rights of free speech to Iranian citizens.  About 40 million Iranian voters voted on Friday and more than 70% of eligible voters voted in this election.  It was unlikely for Raisi to win since no Iranian president who ran for reelection has ever lost.  Rouhani addressed his people on Saturday saying that he hopes Iran can live in peace with the rest of the world.  Finally, the article talks about how Putin and Assad were among the first to congratulate Rouhani on his reelection.  Both of them saying that they have full confidence that they their countries will cooperate with the reelected president.

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