Sunday, May 14, 2017

North Korea says missile could carry nuclear warhead

The North Korean military launched a missile on Sunday that they claimed to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The launch comes in a time of recent escalations between North Korea and the USA. This particular test saw a missile launched closer toward Russia than in previous tests. This article describes the possible motives behind this test. It is speculated that North Korea wanted to send a message to Russia that they are in fact within North Korea's range. Personally, I have grown more concerned with the situation in North Korea because of this recent missile test. They are clearly showing that they are independent and really aren't listening to what states say. I still think there needs to be a diplomatic deal struck to get the North Koreans to halt their nuclear program. I fear a world where North Korea has the capability of firing nuclear weapons at ease across continents.
Ben Goodell

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