Sunday, May 14, 2017

Disappearing Citizens

 Throughout the ages, countries have always had opposition. Not everyone at one time is going to fully support the state. Homogeneity within a state is almost impossible. Recently, political scientists, as well as other people, are noticing the tactics of 'disappearing' citizens and activists who may be in opposition of the government.They do this for a few different reasons. Mostly, in hopes of quelling the rebellion. They also do it to earn compliance from the citizens as well as just disarray and deflate any rising tension. Unfortunately, this usually seems to not be a very effective way to go about this. This can possibly ignite the opposition eve more. Causing more people to unsubscribe from the government's rule.  It also has been seen as a sign that the government doing the disappearing doesn't actually know how to handle any sort of push back from its citizens. Which ultimately can suggest a weak government. It will be interesting to see if anyone intervenes.

Kaitlyn Roybal

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