Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trump's Possible New Approach Towards Peace

As referenced in my latest blogs, the tensions among North Korea versus the World keeps rising. It is like a movie build up to a climax for the entirety of its runtime. But like movies, how long can we sit and watch suspense rise for before the climax comes or someone stops the movie peacefully?

In recent headlines, a quote from President Trump is spreading quickly. Trump talks about how he would be willing to meet Kim Jong Un, “under the right circumstances”. This is important because no U.S president has ever met with a North Korean leader before, so it is interesting to see occur. I am surprised that this hasn’t opened eyes towards the invite of the Philippines leader to the White House.

We have seen issues and conflict all around the world, yet we rarely ever see nations trying to come together. For example, has anyone ever thought that North Korea could be as extreme as they are because the World alienated them? I have yet to see one nation fully succeed in history on their own. Japan tried, and they struggled until they opened trade borders, Germany failed after we let them rot after war. Why don’t we give these leaders a chance to change and understand one another before we decide to take arms? And more importantly, is that what Trump is planning?

It will be interesting to see, nonetheless how the meeting in the White House, and the possible scheduling of meeting North Korea’s leader pans out for America, their nations, and the rest of the world.

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