Sunday, May 14, 2017

Possible Negotions With North Korea

Recently, from the diplomat of North Korea, Choi Sun-hee has spoken to Beijings reporters about potential negotiations. Choi Sun-Hee has mentioned certain "conditions" have to be met in order to initiate a discussion. The last negotiation dates back in 2008--dating nearly a decade ago. While negotiations were mentioned, the two captive U.S citizens were not mentioned alon with the report. The captives were suspected as assassinators to kill the the North Korean Leader; leading the American civilians to captivity under North Korean law. While, negoatioans between two actors may relieve tentisions, such as nuclear weapons, the release of the U.S citizens may be achieved, if negotiations are well executed.

North Korea Open to U.S. Talks Under Certain 'Conditions' — Official - NBC News

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