Sunday, May 7, 2017

French Election: Macron’s Victory Hailed — and Decried — as Boost for United Europe

This article published by NBC News examines the reactions that the recent election of Macron in France had European leaders as well as implications for France in regards to foreign policy. French citizens voted for Emmanuel Macron, a pro-EU centrist, with 65.8% over Le Pen, a populist anti-immigration and anti-EU leader. This election will mark the third time that Europeans have voted against right-wing populists as France follows the footsteps of Austria and Netherlands. Macron’s election is a stepping stone in reuniting and strengthening the European Union, as well as committing to a United Europe - not just politically but socially. Steffen Seibert, chancellor Merkel’s spokesman, tweeted his congrats to Macron stating that “his victory is a victory for a unified Europe and the german-french friendship.” Nevertheless, it should be noted that Le Pen “reached more than 1/3 of the votes” which shows the concerning growth of anti-immigrant nationalism in France. While a majority of French citizens voted pro-EU and pro-immigration, the rise of nationalism should not be brushed off. Euroskeptiks, such as Wilders and Farage, tweeted disapproving statements showing clear opposition to Macron’s win and the presence of wide-spread nationalist ideas.

  • Helen Majer

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