Thursday, May 4, 2017

Obama endorses French presidential candidate Macron

Former U.S. President Barack Obama is endorsing and supporting Emmanuel Macron, a centrist politician with liberal values, in the French presidential election.  Macron shared a video on Thursday of Obama saying that he admires Macron and his values, believing that he's committed to creating a better future for the French people.  Macron and Le Pen faced-off on Wednesday in the final presidential debate with the final vote taking place on Sunday.  Le Pen's views and beliefs differ drastically from Macron.  She has harshly criticized the European Union and vows to pull France out of NATO.  However, current U.S. President Donald Trump has praised and supported her, believing she knows and will do what's best for France.  It's fairly unusual for a former U.S. president to endorse a candidate in a foreign election, but it's happened before, like with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who endorsed the future British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2006.

Shannon McDonald

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