Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mexican engineers flood Tesla hiring event in Monterrey

With President Trump's "Buy American, hire American" policy are destined to come a few struggles. One of the victims of this new motto is the American electric vehicle maker, Tesla Inc. While incredibly proud of their "Made in America" credentials, Tesla has made their way to the Grand Fiesta Americana hotel in Monterrey, Mexico on Saturday, May 6th for the purpose of hiring new engineers. Tesla Inc. has been actively seeking new employees for their Fremont Plant, stationed in California and serving as their headquarters, but have found relatively little success, struggling even worse than Silicon Valley in trying to find software engineers. What could prove upsetting to the current administration is the fact that Mexico is home to a lot of seasoned automakers. There are currently 19 automotive making plants owned by global automakers, such as Volkswagen, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to name a few. This event attracted a bunch of media attention as people from hundreds of kilometers away showed up unannounced as they were under the assumption that it was a recruiting fair that was open to the public. The truth is that the people were already weeks into their applications and were returning for follow-up interviews. The news spread like wildfire after a poster was published on LinkedIn by a man named David Johnson, who claimed that Tesla is looking to hire 15 types of engineers at an event in Monterrey. This laid back demeanor might prove to be troublesome to the rigidly tight rules of the new administration which claims that foreign companies would take away jobs from Americans.

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