Sunday, May 7, 2017

Why Macron Won the Election

Why Macron Won: Luck, Skill, and France’s Dark History
Adam Nossiter

The recent presidential election in France was a significant appointment for global leadership. Also, many people were looking at this election to see if the French people will accept another global leader with right-wing populist and protectionist policies. Macron, decisively won the election against Marie Le Pen, representing the French National Front. Adam Nossiter, from the New York Times, writes that Macron won this election based on his luck and Le Pen’s failure to “undemonize” the National Front Party from their history.  The front runner of the election, François Fillon, became victim of a scandal that emerged near the end of the campaign; that allowed Macron to become the frontrunner. Finally, he was able to capitalize on Le Pen’s reputation by his position on protecting the French welfare system and promising to improve the employment and business stagnation.  Now, Mr. Macron must be able to respond to what he promised to the French people.  With Macron’s defeat in France, I think, many other European Union countries are relieved by this win.  But, in the past several years, there has been several right wing populist candidates to make political gains. Will the EU rebound with the results of France’s election?

Emily Adams

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