Sunday, May 14, 2017

North Korea Launches a Missile, Its First Test After an Election in the South

North Korea fired an intermediate range ballistic missile on Sunday.  This is the first missile test that they have conducted since the new South Korean President has been elected.  The missile was launched in Kusong and flew 430 miles into the ocean in between North Korea and Japan.  South Korea is running tests to see what type of missile it was.  Another notable thing from this test is it was fired much closer to Russia than any other test.  The reports say that these types of missiles could hit some United States military compounds in the Pacific.  The new President of South Korea Moon Jae said in a statement, “a clear violation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions” ordered the military to be prepared for anything by North Korea.  The new President of South Korea was disappointed in the actions of North Korea after saying he was willing to meet and talk with the leader of North Korea.  The missile test came right after a North Korean diplomat said that her government would be willing to meet with President Trump if the conditions are set.  Trump agreed that he would be glad to meet Kim-Jong un under the correct circumstances.

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