Sunday, May 14, 2017

Global Cyberattack Hits 150 Countries

This article talks a lot about how a massive cyberattack has struck the majority of the globe with thousands of dollars lost from over 200,000 victims. This isn't as big as the Sony hack a few years back, where I believe millions of dollars were stolen, but nonetheless this is still a huge issue. There was no specific target though by the hackers, with the article citing that it has affected hospitals, to schools, to auto giants, to the common consumer. We've seen a lot of news with Russia and how they've been in the works with the Republican party and some sort of rigging of the election here, but this attack seems as though it is much more global with no real purpose behind the attack other than to cause a major inconvenience to lots of people. As technology has begun to grow, we as consumers tend to get very lazy and impatient with technology and neglect security measures that we should all be taking so this type of attack doesn't happen to the masses. It'll be very curious to see what we all will do in regards to combating cyberattacks in the future.

- Brett Johnson

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