Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trump's New Weapons Deal

While on his first international trip as president, Trump has been covered frequently as many presidents are during this time. Rather than focusing on the headlines of CNN that try to invoke conflict and hurt the image of our president, like, "Did President Trump Bow or Bend?", I would like to focus on something he accomplished. During Obama's presidency, he pushed hard to ensure the line of weapons to Saudi Arabia, spending more than $115 billion dollars, more than any other president during our 71-year alliance. Trump not only met what Obama put in, but tripled it. Trump has successful set a $350 billion 10 year supply for Saudi Arabia's enhancement of weapons while tension rises nearly on all borders. Of that $350 billion, $110 billion will take effect immediately. It will be interesting how this impacts our Gulf ally, and the Middle East where fighting never seems to end.

Lucas Wittenkeller

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